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Cerros Sands: A New Prestigious Waterfront Community on the Cerros Peninsula in Corozal, Belize.

A fantastic opportunity to live, work or play in what we believe will be The Premier Community in Belize. Beachfront, Waterfront, Beach View and Sea View properties are available. Business Opportunities, Parcels For Condominiums and a Marina is also available.

Near Corozal, Belize where the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico meets the Caribbean Sea, there is our beautiful tropical islet coast. Lying as it does near the breeding and migration fields of several thousand tropical species, it is commonly known as the "Belizean Riviera"™


The area was first settled by the Mayan Indians, centuries before Christopher Columbus (or, according to some, Cortez) became the first European to discover it. Possessed at various times by the Spanish, Dutch and English, the area is rich in history. The area was well known to the Caribbean pirates of the 17th and 18th centuries, and to whalers in the 19th century.

The “Cerros Peninsula" of Belize has remained uninhabited since the Golden Age of the Mayans, around 900 AD. Two Mayan Pyramids still stand in the jungle adjacent to the property, although they have been officially “discovered” and archeologically surveyed, much of the site remains undisturbed.

In July 2004, Mark Leonard of Paradise Development Ltd. acquired the land and named the project Cerros Sands. Infrastructure work began in the late 2004 and further enhancements are continuing. Now in December of 2005 we offer this property to the world. Now this unspoiled tropical paradise will become home to those in search of change, peace, tranquillity, and security. An opportunity to retire, vacation, holiday or even work in paradise.

If you have dreamed of living or retiring in a natural setting outside the hustle and bustle most of us have unfortunately become accustomed, and if you have security concerns, we invite you to explore the ownership opportunities in Cerros Sands Corozal, Belize.


Mark brings 20 years of Real Estate experience to this project. Well seasoned in Real Estate Marketing and Development working in many communities throughout California. A Specialist in Waterfront and Resort-Recreational, Mark has developed from the ground floor complete Marketing and Sales Programs. His Brokerage includes Residential and Commercial Sales and Leasing, a Mortgage Company, a Development Company and a Property Management Division.

Prior to his entering Real Estate and obtaining his Brokers License, Mark worked for CHEVRON CORPORATION for 13 years. Working his way through all the major accounting departments ending his career as a Financial Analyst in Chevron Information and Technology, the companies Computer Technology and Telecommunications subsidiary.

Many California State, County and City leaders recently honored Mark for his Recognition of Business Person of the Year 2001 for The City of Pittsburg.
His Affiliations include:

  • National, California and Delta Association of Realtors.
  • Board Member of the Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce.
  • Rotarian, Past President of the Pittsburg Rotary Club 1999-2000
  • Former Planning Commissioner Chairman City of Pittsburg
  • Former Pittsburg Power Plant Advisory Committee Member
  • Former Board Member East County Boys and Girls Club
  • Past Commodore Pittsburg Yacht Club
  • Past President New York Landing Business Association
  • Past President New York Landing Homeowners Association

Owner and bank financing is available.

Broker inquiries are welcome.


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