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Health Matters - The Importance of Water

When it comes down to matters of health, one should never disregard the importance of clean and potable water. This also is especially important when it concerns travellers and those of us that relocate from less temperate zones.

When my family and I moved from our home in Central Europe to the tropical climates of Belize, we accepted the reality that our first home would come complete without electricity or water. We welcomed to a degree that electricity would mean there would be no television, something my wife and I welcomed with open arms in light of our three years old sons recently acquired addiction to the device.


Health Tip

It is recommended that an adult to stay properly hydrated in the tropics should consume a minimum of 3 liters of drinking water per day. Children should consume no less than one liter per day. Coffee and tea cannot be counted, as these actually dehydrate the body. As good as an ice cold Coca Cola tastes on a hot hot day, the sugar might help you get over your thirst for the moment, but in the long run the best is to drink plain water!

But when it came down to issues of water, well I was really concerned. In time we worked out the water problems facing us regarding washing our clothes, our dishes and cooking utensils and ourselves. We achieved this with a Rotoplast than allowed us in one week to capture enough rain water to cover our needs. An additional Rotoplast would cover our needs during the dry season.

As for our drinking water needs, these proved to be more challenging. For this we turned to a local company which provided bottled drinking water collected by a company which markets "Rain Forest Drinking Water".

It was truly a remarkable learning experience to see just how valuable water is. Trying to use as little as possible but still get everything as clean as it should be is a challenge many people face around the world. Most of us, from the 'developed' countries have gotten so used to the constant stream pouring out of faucets, garden hoses and into toilets, that we forget the importance of this resource. Let’s hope during our great-grand children’s time, all of us can enjoy that same luxury!

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