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Bus travel in Belize

Almost as fast as you can say the Ketchi Maya words na' taat paal, well Charley Wolf bought himself twenty acres of jungle bush land in the Central American country of Belize, sight unseen. It was late one Friday night at home in the sixth district of Vienna, Austria. With his wife Gigi and their son Charley in the bed dreaming the night away, Charley sat up surfing the Internet for their piece of paradise.

Charley Wolf was indeed a dreamer of dreams so far fetched they supported the notion of many that he was a borderline madman. But when Charley was ever questioned about his schemes and brainstorms, he would smile the devilish grin and simply say, "let's all be patient and see in the end just what Charley Wolf makes of his life".

After months of monitoring several Belizean real estate websites from afar, Charley finally homed in on a specific property of modest proportions. According to the advertisement offered up by way of a yahoo search and subsequent link to a nameless tropical real estate website, the land was a piece of virgin jungle in the remote wilds of Belize, in a place referred to in the ad as simply "Toledo". And although the wire transfer of the required funds took less than two minutes, in the end, the entire process from transfer to title would take Charley Wolf over a year and a half to complete.

Later accounts would emerge that in fact Charley Wolf had cut a deal over the Internet with an 'expat' Texan real estate agent. The entire process was negotiated completely over the Internet with countless emails and a handful of wire transfers between US bank accounts for Charley and the Belizean lawyer Charley found, you guessed it, also over the Internet.

And in that regard, they say if you sleep with dogs you are likely to awake with fleas. With that old adage crystal clear in Charley's mind from hard lessons learned from lands lost in hidden valleys, this time around he planned to have some insurance against the riff raff that plagues the real estate industry worldwide.

Therefore Charley placed between himself and in this particular case the lone Texan, a smart and classy Belizean legal assistant from one of the most prestigious legal firms that Charley was able to locate through the US's embassy list of recommended lawyers in Belize over the Internet, Charley through his lawyer controlled his destiny.

It should be noted that Charley's approach in narrowing down the US Embassy list of lawyers again was scientific and logical is it's application. For Charley simply picked the Belizean law firm with a certified lawyer born the same year as he too had been born, that being the year of nineteen hundred and fifty-five, the year of the shark (1955).

The choice turned out to be the best Charley had made in quite a while. For the legal assistant not only provided the weight of the entire law firm behind her calls and letters to all those concerned representing the local seller of the land. She also insured till the title was transferred that all those concerned got what was coming to them, the good and bad of what that can entail.

And so with new found self assurance, Charley Wolf walked about the streets of his homeland their in the sixth district of the city of Mozart, Vienna, Austria with a piece of titled land awaiting he and his in Belize. The sheer joy of what Charley knew lay ahead of him was close enough a catalyst to push any a man to madness in anticipation of the adventure.

However, it was neither adventure nor fortune that sent Charley Wolf to the Internet in the first place looking for his family's place in paradise. No what sent Charley Wolf searching is the deep love and devotion he and his Gigi have for their Charley the fourth.

That said, with their child's best interest in their hearts, Charley Senior and his dear wife Gigi, with little hesitation as the Viennese are known to be, made their minds up and in turn, allowed the lease of their flat with Gunther Havalka to expire. As for the little belongings that they had acquired in the three years since Charley the fourth came to be would be comfortably packed away in boxes and placed on leave in the basement spaces of the social building Gigi's mother Hermi had called home for the last fifty two years. The items would stay safe and dry until their possible return.

With their loose ends comfortably placed away in secure storage, Charley Wolf and family flew off from the city of Vienna in late November just as the cold fog of far eastern Europe settled in for the long dark winter. From Vienna the Wolfs flew through the hassles and misconfigurations of Charles DeGaulle Airport in Paris.

From Paris the economy fares took the family through seven time zones, two featured Hollywood films, three meals and an arrival breakfast snack.

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Seventeen and a half hours after they departed Schwechat Airport in Vienna, Charley and his family arrived into the George Herbert Walker Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas. And if only Charley Wolf had known then what lay ahead of him and his Gigi and their Charley the 4th, he most likely as any sane man or woman would do the same, Charley too would have simply walked over to the Continental Airlines desk there off the main concourse in the Bush Airport to make arrangements for a direct flight from Houston to Belize City.

But no, the Wolfs as mentioned are Viennese, and the Viennese are more set in their ways than you or I, unless you are Viennese. Indeed, the Wolfs were driven and had at the time every intention of sticking as close as they could to their original design plan. That required that they catch a curbside taxicab from the arrivals terminal at Bush International to the downtown Houston bus station. For it was Charley and Gigi's dream to go overland by motorcoach through Mexico to their piece of paradise in Belize, a place they called na' taat paal, translated from Ketchi Maya to English, "mother, father, child".


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